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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates is a very professional and personable group. Every person in the organization, from the front desk to the therapists, knows her or his job and is very friendly and professional in accomplishing it.  

Unlike some physical therapy providers where the caregivers talk to each other instead of the client, these providers focus on the patient. We all have fun in what could be stressful but turns out to be a very helpful and pleasant environment. 

Thanks for helping me regain my mobility. 

Doug B. - retired leadership consultant and professor of management

This is the second time over 3 years that I have been to Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates. The staff is outstanding. In particular, I have worked with Chad and Gary both times. These two guys are outstanding ++++! They really know what they are doing and how to get results. But the thing I especially appreciate about them is that they show and express a genuine concern for those they work on. They explain what they are doing and spend time with their people. I never feel like just another number! 

Stan E.

ORA is an awesome place to receive physical therapy. The front desk ladies are so friendly and cheerful. The physical therapists do a great job and the students who assist and work with us are very helpful. I am always amazed at the team work that is evident among the physical therapists and the students. Everyone is always willing to help each other wherever they are needed. And, I need to mention that Dan is an awesome person to have in charge of this facility.

Sharon M.

All the staff at the world arena clinic from the front desk to Frankie, Jasmine, Ashlee, Jenny & Jolena were so knowledgeable and friendly, they made me feel right at home. 


Raymond Martinez II PT, DPT of the Monument Clinic, is simply outstanding, as well, the staff in Monument. After many visits they consistently work as a team, supplement each other, are professional, and have fun like family with the vast age range of patients they serve.

Further, I first found Orthopedic Rehab as I overcame 2 years of denial regarding the condition of my 61 year old hip, with bone spurs and bone on bone—osteoarthritic is what a specialist surgeon told me.  So, my learning is, had I went to Raymond sooner, by a year or more, my hip and knee may not have become so stiff and somewhat painful. Now, with each visit, Raymond is able to gain increased range of motion and nearly a normal swagger I have…ok, I still limp a bit.

I highly recommend Raymond and the Monument Clinic. I look forward to continuing my learning from Raymond regarding stretches and such, to hopefully prevent the extreme hip replacement, forever.

Don W.

Just wanted to thank everyone, especially Jasmine and Jolene for taking such good care of me.  All staff were friendly and professional and was always greeted warmly by Chelsea.  Jasmine did wonders for my painful hip, and showed me helpful exercises that helps with my mobility.  Thanks for the great care and if needed, I won't hesitate to come back for more help.

Debby B.

My experience with the Austin Bluffs branch of ORA was positive in every way. I had orthopedic surgery performed arthroscopically in June 2016 to correct several significant problems in my right hip (to include: a torn gluteus medius tendon, a torn labrum, bursectomy, de-burring of bone spur build-up and loose cartilage removal.) The Physical Therapy experts at this ORA facility were extremely helpful in the most constructive way imaginable in helping me through rehabilitation of my hip. My lead physical therapist who oversaw my progress throughout was Karli Rickli. She is the most focused, talented, and caring PT person I have ever worked with. I also got significant care and additional assistance and support from other key employees at this facility, to include: Donna, Gary, Geno, Spencer, and Zach. They are all tremendous professionals, excellent communicators and have unmatched positive attitudes! The ladies at the front desk were awesome as well, all very helpful, friendly and positive. These ladies included: Jessica, Sara, and Laura. All in all, I not only benefitted from my overall experience with ORA, but enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for all the great care!

Randy D.

World Arena Clinic has a great staff. Everyone professional, pleasant, easy to work with. Especially commend Frankie, Jo, Spencer, Jenna, Ashley, Phoebe and any I may have left out. I was a client there four months --- an all-around good experience.

Tom M.

My experience here has been amazing! Everyone is friendly and helpful. Glad to be better but sorry to go! Very professional and helpful!

Jamie D.

Chad, Jasmine, and David working as a team helped me overcome problems from fusions in both feet. Chad is a great therapist and oversaw my treatment with skill. Jasmine was able to solve pain problems with skill and encouragement. David was always there with a word of encouragement. Thanks!!

Jaros M.

I LOVE THE STAFF! Micah is professional and superb in what he does. The compassion and care is so obvious from all the staff and their friendliness in contagious. Chad is a wonderful leader and the techs and everyone else always give 100% to all of their clients. I would recommend Ortho Rehab to anyone that needs it. I'll miss the staff since I've completed my therapy. You guys ROCK!!! Thank you all for your hard work!

Emily A.

I really enjoyed my time at your facility. Jasmine and David took great care of me. There was an immediate improvement with my back. I hope to continue my visits once I see my doctor for additional referrals. Great facility with professional employees.

John K.

Great strategy and strength program. My therapist, Jasmine, listens to me, understood what I needed and showed great compassion. Best PT ever. Thank you so much!

Christine C.

I LOVE Kayla! She is awesome! Love the receptionists too. Very friendly and make you feel welcome by knowing your name.

Amber M.

They did a great job - I can move my neck without pain - neck area feels great! Thank you.

Bob R.

The staff is (MOST OUTSTANDING) it was a pleasure to come in at anytime. Very professional. Nice people in general. Very caring in every way. I truly will miss coming here!

Dean S.

Every one was very nice and polite. It was an enjoyable time.

Evelyn S.

I received excellent care from Jasmine and everyone involved in my therapy. They were knowledgeable and individualized my treatment. I would recommend this facility without reservation.

Kay H.

During a skiing trip I tore my ACL. After surgery, I attended physical therapy with Chris for three months. In that time I witnessed the genuine care and concern he had for all of his patients. The knowledge, dedication and humor he brought to each visit made the recovery process enjoyable and quick. 

Julie E.

My experience here has been terrific. Jasmine has been a life saver for me. She was very helpful in relieving my severe pain and very patient with me. She really knows what she is doing and I would ask for her should I ever need to come back again.

Wanda Lee W.

I saw Ray starting February 13th for a shoulder/arm injury. It was twice a week with fantastic success. He is easy to understand and very professional! The front staff is very friendly as well as professional answering questions or helping immediately!

DeAnna D.

Jasmine educated me. I now understand the C5 problem...and how to alleviate it myself with stretches and exercises. When I came in the 1st time, I was in a lot of pain. Now, I am flexible again. Thank you, Jasmine!

Patricia D.

Amazing group. Very skilled, friendly, explained techniques and procedures. Will and would recommend to all post op patients. Thank you!"

Doris M.

Jasmine and David were very professional and caring during my treatment. They were very patient in working with my crazy ever changing schedule. Thank you for the support!

Cheryl C.

First I would strongly recommend Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates to everyone! This office and rehab center is run professionally and the "team" really cares. They are caring, motivated and happy people.  

Kevin H.

Jasmine and David are extremely responsive, clear on instructions and effective. Jasmine was able to pinpoint a secondary, more chronic complaint that was hard for me to describe. Your front desk personnel (including Courtney) are very helpful and accommodating during scheduling and answering billing questions.

Edna M.

I really enjoyed my time with Jasmine. She did a very good job assisting me with my rehabilitation of my ankle. She was very personable and knowledgeable. She was very nice and had a positive attitude through the whole process. I would definitely recommend her and Orthopedic Rehab Assoc. to other people.

Dixie S.

My care and speedy recovery was a reflection of outstanding expertise, professionalism, and attentiveness of my therapist (Frankie) and his staff at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates. After careful thought, encouragement of family and friends and the advice of Frankie, I decided to get my second total knee replacement done.  I cannot express the gratefulness I have for this team of people who assisted me through the healing process and recovery back to normal activities. 

Wendy W.

I would highly recommend care by my PT, Chris. He is very personable, honest, caring and possesses a fantastic knowledge of anatomy and physiology. He listened intently to my history and symptoms. From that he devised a plan to help me with my discomfort. I would encourage anyone needing PT to seek out his care, he has helped me tremendously. 

Anne U.

This was my first experience with physical therapy. I have to say it has been an amazing trip. Frankie and the team were so supportive and encouraging. Every time I came in it was nothing but smiles and positivity, from check in to check out. I grew stronger and learned so much about my body and how to keep it strong for the future! Thank you so much for everything! 

Kaysie C.

I’ve had a great experience with Chad and his team at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates. My first visit with them was over 3 years ago and I’ve had to use lots of rehab to keep my shoulder in working shape. As a Medicare patient, ORA has helped keep me from a surgery that would set me back. They’ve helped me set up an exercise program at home that continues to help me stay active. Additionally, I had a knee replacement that ORA assisted in getting me back on my feet again quickly. 

I would recommend Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates to anyone that has to have pre-surgery therapy, surgery or for the treatment of injuries that don’t require surgery.

Kermit B. Retired Automotive Enthusiast

Micah and the team at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates have been phenomenal! I am at 8 weeks post-shoulder surgery, and already have far better movement and far less pain than I did before surgery. I never would have been this far along without ORA. They were courteous, customer friendly and always made me feel welcome. Thanks to them, my doctor told me I was 6 weeks ahead of normal recovery for my shoulder. Thanks ORA and thanks Micah!

Chris S.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates is who you need to contact if you are in need of physical therapy. Due to a severe ankle injury I was referred by my doctor to Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates. My therapist Frankie immediately put a plan in place to bring me from non-weight bearing to full recovery!  Frankie also has a sense of humor which I appreciate. The staff was always courteous, encouraging, and respectful.

Thank you again Frankie and ORA, for you were instrumental in my recovery.


I had an absolutely amazing time here with Jasmine! I progressed at a speed that I thought unimaginable! Keep up the great work!

Rylee E.

Jasmine has been terrific. Job well done! It was a pleasure working with the whole staff.

Sherri W.

I have a very demanding and busy schedule and when I found out that I’d need to get my hip scoped the first thing that came to mind was, how long will I be out? I was so impressed with my time at ORA with Dan and the rehabilitation of my hip. Originally I was allocated 8 or 10 visits and I don’t think I made it to my 5th visit before I was released. At my 5 month follow up appointment with my surgeon, he was thrilled with my progress and shared with me that I was ahead of schedule. I want to thank Dan for helping me get back to my normal schedule so quickly. Thank you.

Jennifer T. Marketing and Business Development Manager

To Micah and Stephen: These people are amazing at what they do! They are very attentive to your every concern, but they believe in you to push yourself past what you think you can do. They’re very knowledgeable of their profession and I would trust them with ALL of my family if they needed care.

Pam M.

Having never injured myself before, I was extremely nervous to start physical therapy. Micah immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew the process would not be nearly as scary as I initially thought. I’ve be working with Micah for a couple of months now, and he has helped me progress quickly and as pain-free as possible. I actually look forward to my physical therapy sessions – something I never thought possible. Thanks for all of the laughs and all the help.

Sarah W.

Everyone at ORA, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my aching neck and back. You guys are the best and I appreciate your high level of expertise, and how hard you have worked to help me maintain my high quality of life. You are fun, caring group of people and it has been a pleasure working with all of you. Until we meet again……Sincerely

Marilyn L.

From the time you enter their facility to the time you leave their main concern is helping you. Any questions, comments, or concerns I had were always handled professionally and or explained in terms I could understand.

A special thanks to Deena for getting me to a point where I can return to work. She always kept me informed as to what she was doing, where I was at in my recovery stage and what I needed to do. Again Thank You Very Much.

Matt S.

Over the last seven years I’ve had total knee replacements on both my right and left knees. In both cases I have used Orthopedic Rehab Associates for my recovery. With over 30 years as a Physical Education Teacher and Coach at the high school level I’ve had in-depth knowledge of numerous rehabilitation treatment plans and outcomes for student athletes after their injuries. I’ve had great experiences working with Chad and his team and would recommend ORA. The thing I appreciate the most is that they don’t treat you like a patient, they treat you like family. The folks at ORA are knowledgeable, understanding, encouraging and most importantly achieve results in a timely manner. I’ve been able to get back to a normal and pain free lifestyle rapidly with their assistance.

Vance G. Physical Education Teacher and Coach, District-49

My left knee was so painful – I avoided stairs whenever possible. My physical therapist talked and coached me through the challenges of strengthening the hip muscles to relieve the pain on the knee. He provided the knowledge and humor to help me. My knees and body have improved greatly. The pain has lessened, and I now have the knowledge to continue to improve.

Lee M.

I have been a patient at ORA since they opened, and had the privilege of working with Dan and Chad at their previous Therapy shop. I tend to play very hard and all of my injuries tend to be fairly major.

Although PT is always a lot of work and never meant to be fun, I would say that all of my trips to the office have been very successful and have been the reason that I have healed well and faster than anticipated by everyone. The visits are filled with laughter and good times enabling the pressures of therapy to be less severe while accomplishing above average results.

After being there for 1 visit seems that all of the providers know who you are and are able to provide the services needed as well as comfort and playful abuse which lightens the mood. They are very willing to adjust their schedule if at all possible to accommodate your work schedule and most of your time needs. I personally had to come in on a couple of weekends for 14 days of therapy per my doc and my injury. One of the providers volunteered to give up her time to come in on days off to help.

I have had a landscape business in Colorado Springs for 28 years and due to the excellent service and handling of my personal stuff I have had ORA as a Preferred Provider for my companies Workman’s Comp. I always send friends and family to these guys because of their excellent and personal service. Where else can you go and get service like this and see a staff that remembers you when you walk in the door 3 years later.

Dan C. Landscape Company Owner