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Personal Wellness Center for Men

Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs

The Personal Wellness Center at ORA for Men can help... 


Physical therapy with a focus on pelvic muscle rehabilitation offers a conservative and effective treatment plan to regain bladder control, manage bowel disorders, treat pelvic pain and manage scar mobility.  The Personal Wellness Center at ORA provides an innovative and professional approach to treating these common problems in a personal and private treatment environment.  Your care is provided by therapists who are specifically trained experts in these areas of physical therapy.  You will receive a complete evaluation followed by a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs.  You can depend on us for compassionate, confidential and individualized care. 


Pelvic Pain 

Some men suffer from pelvic pain.  Pelvic pain in men can include abdominal, buttock, rectal, groin, penile and/or testicular pain.  Pain can be the result of chronic muscle tension and/or spasm triggered by surgery, trauma or constipation.  Pelvic pain can make it difficult to participate in normal daily activities such as work, physical activity, recreation, intimacy or prolonged sitting or standing.  It can lead to an overall decline in quality of life. 


Scar Management 

All scars heal differently.  Many men find scars to be painful or uncomfortable.  Some scars can even cause adhesions to tissue in the area leading to significant functional problems like decreased range of motion and mobility, decreased muscle strength, as well as, pain with basic movement.  Scars may also play a role in bowel/bladder dysfunction.  Pelvic scars can cause pain with intercourse and/or basic functions like sitting or walking.   


Bladder Control 

Many men suffer from urinary incontinence (bladder leakage), urinary frequency and/or urinary urgency.  For some men a cough or sneeze can cause passage of a few drops of urine.  Others have a strong urge to urinate and cannot get to the bathroom on time.  Some may even wet their outer garments, which can lead to social isolation.  These are not diseases but can be symptoms of pelvic muscle dysfunction such as weakness, lack of muscle coordination and/or spasm.  Many men experience these symptoms as a result of surgery and/or treatments for prostate cancer. 


Bowel Disorders 

Bowel dysfunctions including constipation and bowel leakage (fecal incontinence) may occur in men of all ages.  Constipation can be the result of muscle dysfunction such as pelvic/abdominal muscle tension or spasm, lack of muscle coordination, and/or scarring.  Poor bowel habits, and/or related medical conditions may also play a role in bowel disorders.  Fecal incontinence can be the result of pelvic muscle weakness and/or loose bowel movements.

Treatment Methods may include:

  • Manual Therapy Techniques to reduce pain and spasm and improve mobility

  • Modalities to manage pain and inflammation and to assist with proper muscle function

  • Biofeedback Surface EMG to assist with motor learning

  • Comprehensive patient education

  • Personalized home exercise program for proper muscle function

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