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Parkinson's Disease… 

Finally, A Good Reason To Be Optimistic About Your Future! 

Introducing Proven Methods to Regain & Retain Mobility… 

Physical Therapy that Utilizes Specific Exercises to Keep Your Movements ALIVE!

Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs - Parkinson's CenterLet Us Explain… 

Understandably, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease fear what the future holds for them and the loss of their mobility. You will be encouraged to know YOU have the means to slow the progression of the disease and to actually reverse some of the symptoms that have occurred. 

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates offers physical therapy based upon the LSVT BIG™ exercise program developed by LSVT Global, Inc. These techniques were researched and developed over the past 20 years with funding from the National Institutes of Health. The results prove to be nothing less than astounding! 

This research suggests you should NOT wait until you experience disability, impaired function or loss of balance to start exercise-based Physical Therapy. Appropriate exercise can slow the loss of dopamine, resulting in slowing the progression of the disease. Patients feel empowered by actively improving their function.

ORA’s therapists have been trained and certified in the LSVT BIG™ program.

This Is How It Works… 

This successful treatment utilizes a series of highly exaggerated movements in intensive practice sessions that teach the amount of effort required to produce normal movements. These movements translate into real-world every day activities. It empowers our patients with Parkinson’s Disease with the potential to improve!

What Else Should I Know… 

Individual treatment sessions are conducted by a Physical Therapist who is certified in the LSVT BIG™ therapy techniques. Each session is individualized to meet your specific needs and capabilities. There is daily homework required to practice the techniques and no special equipment is required. After a while, you will be able to conduct the exercises on your own - without continuing visits. And, insurance does pay for this treatment as it would for standard Physical Therapy. 

Links to inspiring videos about LSVT BIG!

View these amazing videos below of patients with Parkinson’s Disease who benefited from improved movement as a result of the LSVT BIG™ approach.

The LSVT Global web site has a video that demonstrates the incredible results one man achieved with LSVT BIG therapy. The video shows him in long pants prior to therapy and in shorts following his therapy. Follow the link and be sure to select the video titled "LSVT BIG Rocks!" on the site. Click here

This video shows a 71 year old gentleman side-by-side prior to and following his LSVT BIG therapy. Click here

This video demonstrates the results of one woman's experience with LSVT BIG therapy. Click here

This news health segment demonstrates how one Michigan grandfather's life improved because of his participation in LSVT BIG therapy. Click here

The three interesting videos below show the progress of one man over a period of three years as his Parkinson's disease was managed by LSVT BIG therapy:

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Here Is How You Can Get Started…

When you are ready to begin LSVT BIG™ treatment ask you doctor for a prescription for Physical Therapy for your diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease or Impairment of Gait from your doctor. If you feel further information is needed before you speak with your doctor, call us at 719.265.6601 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

About LSVT GLOBAL, Inc… 

LSVT® stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. Lee Silverman had Parkinson’s Disease and her family started the research process in 1987 to find the best way to treat speech dysfunction as a result of Parkinson’s Disease. Their first program, LSVT LOUD™ was specific to training louder speech. The LSVT BIG™ techniques were developed out of the great success seen in the speech program.

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