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Physical Therapy for Scar Management in Women

Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs - Scar management

Physical therapy can be very helpful for managing scar tissue.  Adhesions, pain or restrictions in mobility of any scar may result in dysfunction or limitations of muscles, organs, nerves, and surrounding tissue. Often this is related to surgical scars or scarring from trauma. 

Common Symptoms: 

  • Restricted range of motion and posture

  • Abdominal pain/dysfunction

  • Constipation

  • Pelvic floor weakness and/or spasm

  • Restricted clothing

  • Breast/chest pain 

Personal Scar Areas: 

  • Chest & breast from surgical procedures

  • Abdominal areas

  • Surgical scars

  • Vaginal tears, episiotomy or scar formation from childbirth

  • Rectal Tears

Effective Physical Therapy Treatment Options:

  • Gentle manual mobility of scars with myofacial release

  • Use of heat, ultrasound or cold laser

  • Gentle stretching and manual techniques

  • Strength training

  • Use of Kinesio tape

  • Teach self massage to ensure long term results 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Scar Management

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