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Personal Wellness Center for Women, Men and Children

Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs - Personal Wellness Center for Men, Women and ChildrenMany individuals live with very personal and private medical conditions that impact their daily lives. These include problems related to control of the bladder or bowel and pelvic pain. Some suffer from painful scarring from prior surgery. These problems often cause embarrassment, loss of confidence and dignity, fear of intimacy, social isolation and unwanted changes in lifestyle. ORA’s Personal Wellness Center for Men, Women and Children can minimize or totally resolve these issues for most people. 

There are a number of physical therapy services available. The utilization of Physical Therapy to treat these problems is a proven and effective step in the path to wellness and improved quality of life. Your health care provider can evaluate and prescribe Physical Therapy if appropriate. 

Men who have undergone prostate surgery find that urinary control often becomes a problem following surgery. This problem can be managed or greatly improved with Physical Therapy.

Many report significant improvement in the quality of their lives as a result of the success of Physical Therapy. Typical feedback from patients include statements such as: 

“I am in control of my life again.” 

“I can concentrate on life instead of my pain.” 

“Finally, I feel comfortable being around my family and friends.” 

“I no longer have to choose my clothes carefully.” 

"I don’t need to be sure a bathroom is nearby."

Here are some of the conditions The Personal Wellness Center can address:

For Women:

Pelvic Pain

Pregnancy & Post-Partum Care

Scar Management 

Urinary & Bowel Incontinence

For Men:

Pelvic Pain

Scar Management

Urinary & Bowel Disorders

For Children:

Bowel and Bladder Incontinence and Dysfunction

Frequently Asked Questions about The Personal Wellness Center 

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