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Welcome to ORA - A Good Reason to be Optimistic About Your Future!

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates (ORA) is a team of physical therapy specialists in Colorado Springs. These specialists will help you overcome physical limitations to help you return to your highest level of function possible. ORA offers an amazing healing environment based on exceptional patient care, customer service, the latest clinical research and therapists who establish a plan of care based on your individual needs and goals.  At ORA, you do have a good reason to be optimistic about your future. We have locations near your home or work and are open from 7AM to 7PM. This will ensure you are able to schedule therapy at locations and during hours that are most convenient for you! 

ORA’s vision is a community where individuals are able to participate in daily activities at their highest level of function.

ORA’s mission is to create an environment in which our patients overcome physical limitations through a combination of clinical and interpersonal skills that are unmatched by any other physical therapy clinic. Our excellent reputation with patients and physicians is a direct result of the healing atmosphere combined with therapists who offer the skills, experience, credentials and competence that enable our patients to regain function.

What To Expect At Therapy 

Your physician may have referred you to our clinic or, in many cases, our patients contact us because of recommendations from friends or family who have received treatment at one of our facilities.

You will notice from your first interaction with scheduling to your first step into our clinic that ORA offers a friendly, customer service attitude. Your road to recovery involves several steps, each designed to bring you closer toward your goals. With each visit, you will see and feel your progress and you will understand how the physical therapy process works.

Physical Therapy is not just an exercise regimen. It involves your therapist, working with you and your physician, to develop and execute a "Plan of Care." This involves a thorough Initial Evaluation where your therapist will ask you about your medical history and examine your injury to establish the appropriate treatment options for you. Next, the Plan of Care is developed. This plan may involve hands-on manual therapy techniques, stretching, therapeutic exercise or modalities such as heat, TENS or cold laser. Then you and your therapist will work together to achieve your goals while in physical therapy. Your therapist will continually re-evaluate your status at each visit and update the treatment plan. This will often include changes in the manual therapy or therapeutic exercise, as well as, updates to your home or gym program. Once you have completed your in-clinic physical therapy program and your goals have been met, you will be discharged from physical therapy. This however, doesn't mean that you should stop your home or gym program. In fact, keeping up with your exercise routine will help you stay well.

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We offer a comprehensive set of therapy services organized into four centers. Please click on the links below for information about each of the Centers:

We have five convenient Colorado Springs physical therapy locations to serve you, Each is open from 7AM to 7PM to ensure you are able to obtain therapy at locations and hours most convenient for you! Click on the links below for more information about the locations of our clinics.

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