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A Physical Therapist's Perspective by Frankie DeKalb PT, MSPT

Dear future ORA patient,

I was tasked with writing a blog. I had various ideas pop into my head from different physical therapy techniques, to patient care, to even clinic cleanliness, but I thought I would write about what ORA (Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates) means to me personally. I have worked for ORA since December of 2009.  I was a bright eyed, new graduate fresh out of school with a shiny new degree.  I walked into this little clinic, with a suit that was probably too big, and was greeted with smiles and pleasantries. This was the first time I met my future boss and first mentor Dan Fogarty.

This was my first "real interview" and I can honestly say it did not go as I had imagined it would; I probably said 10 words total for the 30 minutes I sat there.  Dan's energy and excitement poured out of him as he told me about his company, the future of ORA, and his goals he had for me. In my mind I'm thinking, "Is this guy for real?" 9 years later, I can honestly say that he is.  Every person and patient that walks through the doors of ORA where Dan is can feel that energy and genuine-ness that he exudes.  I think this is what has rubbed off on me the most. 

Dan was not the only one that has made a huge impact on my life.  I moved across the country without knowing a soul, two weeks before Christmas in 2009.  I was immediately invited to a co-workers house for Christmas and invited to other events outside of work to make sure I wasn't sitting in my little apartment by myself.  These people are not only friends, they are family (you know who you are!)

Another big group of people that has made a huge impact on my life and careers is you, the patient.  I have met hundreds of wonderful people that I have gotten to know through their injuries, surgeries, and aches and pains.  As therapists you get to know your patients through their toughest and down times and work them through to reach their goals.  Through these relationships I have made friends that will last a lifetime.  Almost selfishly, this is one of the biggest reasons I think physical therapists choose their profession; to see people improve and reach their goals.  We take great pride in that.

These people I talked about are just a small portion of we like to call inside of our company as the "ORA way."  Every single one of our therapists are hired not only on their expertise as therapists but as the person that they are.  Every single patient that walks through the door should feel welcome, comfortable, and as a member of our ORA family.  As healthcare and co-pays continue to become more and more expensive for everyone, we understand that we provide a service and that everyone should get their money's worth.  As therapists, we hope and work hard to provide this service and to reach that main goal of improving your quality of life, whether that means getting back onto the playing field and trails, or just being able to cook dinner for your family. 

If you or a loved one has a need for physical therapy, please give a call to one of our 5 locations and we can set you up with an evaluation by one of our awesome therapists.



Frankie DeKalb, MSPT – Physical therapist, ORA South


Want Some Help?