Physical Therapy Colorado SpringsOrthopedic Rehabilitation Associates (ORA) is a full-service physical therapy organization in Colorado Springs that will help you overcome physical limitations in a clinical setting. Offering an amazing healing environment with treatment by the most qualified therapists available. Read more >>

orthopedic centerorthopedic centerThe Orthopedic Center offers a progressive rehabilitation setting with a full complement of strength training, cardiovascular, and hand therapy equipment to meet the needs of our patients. At our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility we specialize in rehabilitation therapy following surgery, accident orinjury. Read more >>

personal wellnesspersonal wellnessMany individuals live with very private and personal medical conditions that impact their daily lives. Some of these include problems related to control of the bladder or bowel and pelvic pain. These individuals can suffer from painful scarring from prior surgery.

balance centerbalance centerThe Balance Center at ORA provides physical therapy in Colorado Springs to improve balance and/or reduce symptoms of dizziness. If you have ever slipped on a patch of ice you know how unnerving it can be to lose your balance– for a moment your world is literally turned upside down.